Acrylic Glass Gluing

Here you find our products for gluing Acrylic Glass.


Sealing tape

Block adhesive tape

Hinge adhesive tape

Prize adhesive tape

Light isolation tape

Contour adhesive tape

Rectangular gluing tape transparent

Stretch tape for Boxes

Tape for corrugated sheets

Adhesive protection foil

Adhesives and additives

ACRIFIX® Reactive adhesives

ACRIFIX® Solvent based adhesives

ACRIFIX® Auxiliaries and Colorants

Gluing other plastics


Capillary Activator

Mixing and dosing

Dispenser - complete set

Gluing bottles

Pipettes for solvent adhesives

Adhesive dab

Fine dosing system

Complete set gluing

Complete set adhesive application gun

Complete set mixing adhesives

Vacuum pump for adhesives

Adhesive mixing stirrer

Glue keg tap set

Barrel rest

Laboratory beaker

Gluing clamp

Hardening adhesives

UV A Hardening System

UV A Hardening System MINI

Gluing gadgets

Complete set butt joints

Bonding distance keeper

Gluing rail with groove

Gluing magnets 40mm

Gluing magnets 3mm

Gluing weight

Quick fixing unit

Right angled suction unit 55 mm

Right angled suction unit 75 mm

Flexible suction unit

Vacuum emission cleaning table

Flat rolling table

Vacuum Holding Device

Vacuum Multi Holding Device

Hazardous material workstation

Parts to glue

Acrylic Pulls

Acrylic Knobs

Acrylic Magnet Catcher

Auto-Closing Hinge

Acrylic Hinge


Piano-Hinge with Opening

Auto-Closing Piano-Hinge


3-Point Re-Inforcement horizontal

3-Point Re-Inforcement vertical

2-Point Re-Inforcement

Flex Hinge

Flex Hinge satinized

Acrylic Handle

Flexible Hasp

Acrylic Wallmount "Sawblade"

Acrylic Wallmount "Keyhole"

Display Secure "Corner"

Display Secure "Flat"

Distance Clips


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